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Email all inquiries to


1. How long does it take? When will I see proofs? When will my order ship? How's it going? How are you doing? How is my order coming along? Have you came up with anything yet? Will my order ship this week?

Your order will ship in 14 days or less unless RUSH service is paid for.  Proofs will be emailed to you within that timerange. IF YOU HAVE A NEED-BY DATE THIS NEEDS TO BE DISCUSSED BEFORE ORDER IS PLACED. PLEASE EMAIL ME YOUR INQUIRY.  After making a purchase, your logo and other information needed to start/complete order can be emailed to

2. How does Rush service work and what's the fee?

With Rush service, you tell me the day you need your order delivered by and it will be delivered by that day.  Fee is determined by how soon order is needed. I also offer same day service.  THIS INFORMATION NEEDS TO BE DISCUSSED BEFORE ORDER IS PLACED.  Email inquiry to

3.  Do I have to pay before I see proofs?

Yes. After payment is made and you tell me what you have in mind, I will send you a design to view and we will edit from there.  I will not print anything until design is finalized by you.  Examples of my work can be found on my social media sites @1129designz (FB, Twitter, IG, Flickr)

4. What address are you shipping my order to? Where did you ship my order to? When will I get my tracking number?

Order is shipped to the address you entered when you made payment.

5. Why haven't you sent me the final digital tag design? Can you send me the name portion of the tag design you made for me?

Digital files are not included with any print order (packages, flyers, business cards etc) You may purchase the digital file at any time for $40 each.  Logo design is also not included with any order.  If you do not have a logo your business name will be text only on your prints and final file will have to be purchased.

Please Note: 
~ If you have a need-by date, confirm availability/date BEFORE payment is made. 
~Constantly checking on me will only hinder progress. 
~ I never ship without tracking numbers.
~I absolutely love what I do and LOVE helping others but attitude/rudeness/aggression will not be tolerated.