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My name is Kenya.  I am a mother of one from Jackson, Mississippi. I love what I do and I absolutely love helping others.

Something about me: I worked a job that I absolutely LOVED for 10 years. Only to realize, after giving it my all every single day for 10 years, that I was simply not someone that they wanted to succeed.  I was welcome to watch the ones that 'know people' get promoted and praised for stapling papers and very welcome to do their work for them and watch them get credit....... but that was about it.  I applied for 2 promotions (that I qualified for) within this time.  Both times they decided to hired an outside employee. 

In 2011, I made investing in myself a hobby. I started 1129 Designz. Didn't make much money my first 3 years but I kept going/learning/investing in myself while I was getting looked over at my place of employment. 

February 2017, I took a leap of faith and resigned from the job I loved (that didn't love me) and am now a full-time entrepreneur.  Even though business can slow down for me at any time and I could be forced to look for employment,  just getting to the point where I, on my own, no hand-outs, was able to build a business and successfully maintain it for 7 years, would be enough for me to walk away head held high.

My past experiences motivate me daily to help others succeed as much as I can, whenever I can. 

Thanks for visiting my site and I look forward to being of whatever assistance I can to you!