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1. How long does it take? When will I see proofs? When will my order ship?

Unless you paid for rush or same day service or we have discussed otherwise before you made payment, your order will ship on or before the 10th day after payment was made. Does it always take that long? No. Time is set to keep clients who opt out of paying for rush service from rushing me. I am never working on just one order and work in a rotation. Once proofs are prepared, proofs will be emailed to you. Rush and Same Day Service is always available for an extra fee.

2. How does Rush service work and what's the fee?

With Rush or same day service, you tell me when you need your order and you will have it by that day. This needs to be discussed before payment is made. Fee depends on how soon you need your order, and what the order is.

3. How's my order coming along? How's it going? Checking the status of my order, How is it coming?

I am VERY responsive and will NEVER leave anyone 'hanging'. While I will answer these questions every time they are asked, constantly 'checking on me' hinders progress and will not make the process go any faster.  If Rush or same day service is needed this needs to be discussed before payment is made and order will be delivered on or by the day requested.

4.  Do I have to pay before I see proofs?


5. What address are you shipping my order to? Where did you ship my order to?

The address you entered during checkout.


- I don't mind working with anyone, however I WILL NOT tolerate aggression and/or rudeness.  You will be refunded immediately and no future orders will be accepted.
- Please do not take your time sending me the information I need because you are busy and then try to rush me when your schedule clears. Common Courtesy.
-Please understand, everyone has an event, show, grand opening, is behind schedule etc.  This is why I offer Rush service.

Thanks for choosing 1129!